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'The Practice of Painting in Enamel' 
by Gillie Hoyte Byrom E-book & Kindle versions

The 2nd Edition richly illustrated book of instruction is handsome but practical.
Certainly the most detailed treatise on enamel painting ever written.
Techniques are fully described with particular reference to enamel portrait miniatures.

Gillie’s life’s work, skills and passion for this truly precious and rare art form is just as relevant for the aspiring newcomer as for the advanced practitioner or curious collector.

The "reflowable" e-book suits any device and includes:

Unique knowledge based on 35 years’ experience of painting vitreous enamel miniatures.
The Practice Of Painting Enamel 
2nd Edition
30,000 Words of instruction & guidance
200 + Colour illustrations
Over 250 Pages
Unique Knowledge based on 35 years of experience £30
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Materials & Equipment
Vitreous enamel portrait painting in miniature is covered extensively in the book. 
This sequence of kiln firings fusing each painted layer to the enamel base is featured in the painting section.


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"Gillie Hoyte Byrom is a virtuoso of painting in enamel and a teacher of exemplary clarity. This manual is a model of its kind, compelling and inspirational in its presentation of a lifetime’s experience. It will be required reading both for the practical student and for anyone who wants to understand the mystery of this fascinating art."
Richard Edgcumbe, V&A Museum
"The Practice of Painting in Enamel" by Gillie Hoyte Byrom is a very comprehensive book wherein the author explains that technique down to the smallest detail and provides us with plenty of useful tips. It is a unique treatise on painting enamel and I hope those enamellers who read it will revive that ancient and wonderful art form.
Carmen Lombardi, Brazil
"This book, so much more than an austere manual, is as inspirational as it is informative and instructive."
Erika Speel
"This is a wisely wonderful, practical and inspirational manual. In so painstakingly recording those enamelling processes that become instinctive to an expert, Gillie Hoyte Byrom demystifies her arcane and complex skill, making it appear almost simple. As we follow her analysis of each stage of production, our admiration grows for her desire to share her expertise for the technical benefit not just of practising enamellers, but also of curators, collectors and enthusiasts of this exquisite art."
Dame Rosalind Savill


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