Creating a Portrait

Gillie works mainly to commission.

There is full flexibility in how much the client chooses to be involved. The subject may be available for sittings as the portrait progresses but most prefer to either supply their photographs or meet Gillie so that she can take her own photos and video.

Sometimes it is not possible to meet the subject of the portrait if it is intended as a surprise gift or if they live far away or the miniature is a posthumous memorial.

Ready to commission a portrait?

The composition needs to be fresh and alive. Where a photograph can look stilted, Gillie combines the best features of a subject into a recognisable likeness which portrays the essence of the subject.

Client Statement

Gillie is fully conversant with various ways of working to suit the client but needs at least one good photograph of the subject as a starting point. The popular frame is the 3" x 2½" oval gilt frame set against a velvet mount which are held in stock.

However, frames can be specially designed and exquisitely handmade in gold and silver incorporating jewels. Gillie will negotiate with the goldsmith on your behalf.

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