Bringing people to life

Gillie aims to bring life to the likeness whilst representing the 
subject’s best features in a harmonious artistic composition.
Enamel miniatures are commissioned for a variety of reasons:
• Celebration
• Commemoration
• Presentation
• Posthumous memento
• Collectors
If you are interested in commissioning a vitreous enamel painting, for example a portrait miniature and would like to take it further, please send Gillie a photograph of the subject and bear in mind the following constraints on cost:

• Metal base – copper, silver or gold
• Size of miniature and composition
• Complexity
• Background to the subject
• Any inscription

Frames range from the popular 3” x 2½” portrait oval set in gilt frame against a velvet mount to handmade bespoke gold and silver incorporating jewels. 

Prices on application

Thank you! 


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