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Gillie Hoyte Byrom has played a major role in the revival of
contemporary enamel painting.

Mentor & Teacher
Classical Miniaturist
& Innovator
Major Awards
Resource for Technical Knowledge
Gillie's courses and continuous help have brought me new confidence and proficiency. I started getting more and more orders with higher commissions. And I am getting miniature portrait orders! This is something I wouldn't have even dreamed of in the past!


Gillie Hoyte Byrom at her Dartington studio, UK

Gillie Hoyte Byrom hand paints enamels for a world-wide clientele.

Gillie Hoyte Byrom hand paints enamels for a world-wide clientele. She works mainly to commission to create portrait miniatures using traditional vitreous enamel skills taught to her in Barcelona in 1990.

Gillie has further developed these techniques using precious metals to produce jewel like heirlooms, treasured for future generations.

Gillie's enamel portraits have won many national and international prizes, most notably the prestigious Jacques Cartier Award in the Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design competition in 2007 and the Order of Zuev in Russia in 2019.

At her Dartington studio in South West UK, Gillie offers one-to-one teaching in enamel painting as well as online tuition or mentoring.

In 2018 Gillie Hoyte Byrom published  a hardback book: "The Practice of Painting in Enamel" - a first of its kind which sold out but has been replicated as an E-Pub.

Gillie also offers an E-Course in Enamel Painting and a set of four Video Master Classes demonstrating a full range of techniques including enamel portrait miniature.

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