E-Course on Enamel Painting

ten exercises at three levels

Enamel paining e-course: 10 exercises at three levels

a practical course in 
vitreous enamel painting

Learn step-by-step with the help of images and captions to guide you through the ten exercises.

After reading my e-book about enamel painting, you are invited to work through the ten exercises and compare your experience with that of Anna, a student from Germany who had never tried enamelling before and came to my studio. I guided her through the three levels over a few months. Her progress is recorded with step-by-step photos, explanation and critique.
6,000+ words
with 150+ colour images
over 60 page
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Materials & Equipment

Three enamel paintings by Anna who was the first student to complete the course.

Beginner Level


 Intermediate Level

Dartington Hall

Advanced Level

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Example of E-Course Presentation

4.1 design and palette
4.2 transfer the pencil line drawing
4.3 fuse the pencil line to enamel in the kiln
4.4 fire the first colour wash at 750°C / 1382°F 
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