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A step by step approach

Teacher & Mentor

Gillie is now training the 
next generation of Enamellers 

Gillie is a qualified teacher with many years of experience and has travelled widely to research enamel painting and to run workshops. She offers tailor-made one to one tuition at her studio 3 Watermill, Bracondale Millgate, Norwich.
With my lifetime of experience, I can help you be effective in your
learning. Reaching competence in enamel painting will require much
practice but with my guidance you will learn how to be effective and
so shorten the learning process.

Producing high quality enamel paintings can be hugely enjoyable and
rewarding; both the process of painting and with the finished work.
It would give me great pleasure to be your guide on your journey.
Under my guidance you will learn all the essential techniques for
producing high quality work, and how to avoid the many pitfalls.”
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Step #1

Begin with buying Gillie’s book on
The Practice of Painting in Enamel

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Step #2

Progress to the Enamel Painting
Course suitable for any level

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Step #3

Gillie’s Video Master Classes

1 Hour Videos
4 Hour Videos
Step #4

Move on to Mentorship by mail
and/or Zoom or visit Gillie's Studio
for tailored one to one Tuition.

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Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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